Hello. Hola. Holla.

My name is Stacy Fernández and I'm a journalist with a passion for social justice reporting. 

In my last year at Syracuse University I’m developing my data-reporting skills and working toward fluency in Portuguese, my third language in addition to my native English and Spanish. People are often relieved when I’m able to speak to them in their native language. They know I’ll understand the nuances of what they’re telling me and much of the cultural context.

I’m a Senior Staff Writer over at The Daily Orange, Syracuse's independent student newspaper, after serving a semester as Feature Editor. During my time I coordinated with the video, photo and web team to pursue stories with a focus on diverse coverage that included people of color, the LGBTQ community, Indigenous people and people with disabilities. For the first time we had a Latinx series, which highlighted figures increasing representation of the Latinx community in and beyond Syracuse. 

This summer I worked at The Dallas Morning News as a communities intern. I wrote features while publishing daily print stories for five of the suburban communities surrounding Dallas.

During summer 2017 I was at The Buffalo News getting drenched while covering two flash floods and a double tornado — it was awesome. When I wasn't wading through water I was reporting on crime, community events and developing enterprise stories.

Outside of reporting I enjoy listening to the latest author-narrated audiobook, volunteering at the local Latino cultural center and searching for thrift store treasure. I also love visual storytelling and am honing my skills behind a DSLR camera.

You can usually spot me dancing along to the music playing in my headphones. Go to move: a smooth merengue.
Want to chat? Reach me at stacyfernandezbu@gmail.com

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