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What does it mean to be an American?

July 3, 2018 | Placement: A1

Collaborated with photo and video team to put together a print and digital package. Did the on-camera interviews with the videographer and selected seven people to re-interview one-on-one for their vignette. 

Why a Texas lawyer has spent years fighting a $75 red-light camera ticket
July 22, 2018 | Placement: A1

Profiled a local lawyer who's taken his five-year-old red-light camera ticket to the Texas Supreme Court. The story garnered more than 45,000 views online and was the most read story on the site for two days.

How a donation from a Jewish temple will help to reopen a flooded-out southern Dallas Baptist church
July 30, 2018 | Placement: B1

Texas is a state that cares a lot about religion. I shifted the story from a newser about a Jewish temple donating its old pews, to a feature story highlighting interfaith work— a fresh topic for our readers.

Forget crayons; students in summer program use their brainwaves to create art
June 15, 2018 | Placement: B1

Explained the science behind a painting tool powered by the user's brainwaves and the vision of inclusion which led to its creation.

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